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The Luxurious Appeal Of Victorian Nightgowns How They’ve Remained A Staple Of Modern American Homes


We all sleep in different ways.

Some prefer to lay on their sides and curl into themselves, favoring a cocoon of warmth over all else to sink into dreamland. Others are more invested in clean sheets and a fluffy pillow to sink some relaxation into their bones. When it comes to clothes? Only the softest, silkiest materials will do. White cotton nighties may seem old-fashioned, but they’ve been classics for centuries for a reason. They look lovely, feel even lovelier and make it easy to shed off the complications of the week. Chalk up the facts they’re easy to clean and maintain and you have a gift for life.

When you replace your clubbing outfit or work clothes in favor of simplicity, you do what so many have done before generations ago. What kind of white cotton nightgown should you get,

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