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Why Charitable Donations Matter Here In The United States

Here in the United States, rates of charitable giving are quite high indeed. For many people, giving charitably is simply a part of regular life. And more than 95% of all people will give to a charity at least once throughout a single year, if not even more frequently than that. From providing military support to feeding the hungry to saving our planet, there are many places at which you can make some sort of charitable effort – and many ways in which to do so.

After all, not all of us will be able to afford making charitable donations in a monetary form. There are so many people just struggling to get by these days, even if these people are not in need of any charitable services themselves. However, it is likely that such populations of people will also not be able to contribute all that much to charity in terms of giving money away, as

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How You Can Make a Difference For Military Members and their Families

The men and women of our armed forces give themselves selflessly in defense of our country, but many members and their families need our help as well. Helping military families is something we should all try and take part in, and a simple way to do so is by providing a charitable clothing donation.

When it comes to military support, we as civilians can do a great deal of good. Whether a service member is deployed or back at home, there are thousands that need assistance for both them and their families. Support for military families is something that many people don’t think about, or realize is such a crucial issue. Whether we donate clothing, food, or even our time, we can help make a world of difference in a family’s life.

Approximately 12 million tons of clothing and other textile waste is discarded in the U.S. each year, according to independent research. Many peop

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Help Fund Programs that Benefit Military Families Make a Charitable Donation of Clothing

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How many outfits do you currently own? Were you aware that the average woman in 1930 owned 9 outfits? Currently, that woman’s modern counterpart owns 30, which means a new outfit for every day of most months.

Chances are that you go through your closet on a regular basis to collect items to donate to charitable organizations such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart. If so, you are an important member of the 95.4%
of people in the United States that realize the importance of making some type of charitable contribution.

While many Americans do donate or recycle the clothing that they no longer wear, this just amounts to 15% of the population. Since it is easy to make a charitable donation, particularly when it ca

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