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Making Donations to Veterans Charities Helps Pay Back Those Who Have Served The Country

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This is not the kind of spring weather you were hoping for. In fact, by watching the news, it would appear Mother Nature is taking April Fool’s Day a little too serious this year. When thousands of people woke up to four to six inches of snow on the ground on Easter Sunday it was a situation that many people wished was an April Fool’s joke. Now that April 2 and April 3 are bringing snow to some places as well, the joke is getting more than a little old.
If you are weary of the winter weather, maybe you can spend the next few days putting your frustration to good use. In fact, if snow and cold weather is keeping you from getting outside and cleaning out the landscaping, you could spend a couple of days going through the things in your house and finding items that you would like to use as veterans donations

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Donating Clothes Helps The Environment

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Many of us are trying to be a little more ?green? all the time. We want to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We know that, as a society, we simply need to cut back on the amount of waste we produce. Currently, American people generate an average of 4.5 pounds of trash every day; a total of about 1.5 tons of solid waste annually. And of that, 12 million tons was clothing and textile waste. How much of that could have been reused or repurposed, rather than added to a landfill? How many tons of clothing could have instead been used as donations for nonprofit organizations?

This is not a new idea; thrift stores and resale shops have been around for decades. But a far smaller portion of discarded clothing is finding its way to a new wearer; only about 2 million tons o

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