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The Time Piece Critical for Life

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The dial. There are many small parts to a clock and the dial is one of them. The dial on a large clock may be larger than a dial on a small clock but all function in roughly the same way. The dial is there to keep the hands of a clock running in time, synchronized likely with the phone and other devices now.

It is true that in past times, the time was kept differently. In Ancient Egypt for instance, the time was monitored by stone obelisks, which absorbed the sun as it passed through the skies. There is a big difference between the obelisk and the watch today, most notably that the obelisk told time by observing the sun.

Today, we tell time by the rotating of the Earth.

Today, we have many objects we can look to to tell the time. There is the watch, which is worn on the wrist. There is the clock

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