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Why Sea Glass Charms Can Be a Great Addition to Your Fashion Arsenal

Do you consider yourself to someone who keeps an eye on the latest fashion trends? Do you like making a statement and frequently find yourself searching for the latest and best in terms of unique and interesting fashion accessories? If the answer is yes, you would be able to find a lot of interesting fashion jewelry applications if you start looking at unique sources of materials which can be used to craft the finest of fashion accessories. If you are truly looking for something unique and interesting, sea glass jewelry is something that you can definitely consider.

Sea glass is a material that has been of unique interest to creators of fine custom jewelry for a long time. It is a very interesting material that is usually found on ocean floors and floors of water bodies like seas and lakes. The source of the glass is actually glass that found its way into water bodies a long time ago. With the effect of the immense water pressure, the movement of the water, and the chemical compo

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How To Make Your Own Sea Glass Bracelet

Sea glass ring design

Walking along the warm sand and collecting colorful sea glass is one of the best parts of summer. As the season winds down, you collect your treasures in bowl or jar, place it upon a shelf, and look forward to next year’s beach hunts.

If your jar of colorful sea glass has you dreaming of sunshine and breezy days, craft it into a memory you can wear. Crafting your own sea glass bracelet is a lovely way to turn your treasures into a delicate piece of jewelry. While there are many types of sea glass bracelets, this DIY guide by The Sweet Occasion will show you how to many a “tiny slack” bracelet. This tasteful piece is a swee

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