The Importance Of Charitable Donations In The US

Giving back to charity in some way, shape, or form is hugely popular here in the United States, so much so that more than ninety five percent of residents of this company give back to charity over the course of a year. Giving back to charity is a great way to help people in your community who are in need, of course, but there’s no denying the fact that some people just simply don’t have the money to give. After all, charitable giving can put a strain on the finances of many who are struggling just to survive in this increasingly expensive world and from mortgage payments (or rent payments) to student loans to the costs of day to day living, for many there is simply no money left over to give away.

So many find themselves asking the question of how to donate to charity when they don’t have extra money. Fortunately, how to donate to charity is more complex than many realize and just about everyone will be able to figure out how to donate to charity. For many people, the answer to th

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Three Kinds of Cool Sunglasses

If you wear glasses or sunglasses, and especially if you have children, you’re probably interested in some of the new technologies that are producing more affordable and durable eyewear. Unbreakable sunglasses, athletic sunglasses, polarized lenses, and wraparound sunglasses are just a few of the types of eyewear that you can now get.

Unbreakable Sunglasses

People have been wearing eye protection to block out the sun for almost 2000 years. Coincidently, that’s also about how long we’ve been accidentally destroying our sun-blocking eyewear. Estimates are that every 14 minutes someone in the United States sits on, breaks, or loses a pair of sunglasses, meaning that someone near you is probably doing it right now. Considering how much sunglasses can cost, particularly if you’ve got prescription sunglasses, the idea of unbreakable sunglasses and their cool, bendable frames is probably really appealing.

Shatterproof Lenses


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Easy Fashion for Busy Parents

Treat Yourself

The second largest shopping season of the year is back to school season, and many people focus on stocking their kids up on the latest fashions; but what about getting yourself some new fashion as well? The school year has many opportunities for parents to get involved in school activities, so why not get yourself a mama bear shirt to strut your stuff and the next semesters bake sale.

As parent we often spend our time buying for our kids, and regulating our own purchases to the back burner. But as moms we can have so much fun with our fashion choices. There are a plethora of t-shirt for moms designs out there, in addition to options to create your own online. This give you the freedom to wear a great style tees, with a variety of funny and witty sayings and logos. Furthermore, t-shirts aren’t the only option, crochet beanies, cold weather accessories, and baseball caps are all customization options to help you stand out.

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Dust Off Your Vintage Budweiser Shirt, and Embrace the Benefits of Beer

Americans love beer, in fact during Halloween it is the number one most consumed alcoholic beverage, followed by tequila and vodka. But, did you know that drinking beer actually has more benefits than just livening up the party? It may be time to pull your vintage Budweiser shirt out of the closet, and start to celebrate what beer can do for you.

The Benefits of Drinking Beer

  • Heart Health. Research conducted in Italy has found a link between beer and a lower risk of heart disease. To reap the maximum amount of benefit keep your consumption to a pint a day.
  • Boot Creativity. While knocking back a cold one won’t make you smarter, it can help boost your creativity. In a controlled test, 40 men were instructed to complete a series of puzzles, and it was found that the testers with a blood alcohol level of around .075 were able to solve the problems quicker than sober subjects.
  • Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
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