How to Identify Fine Leather Goods

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We love leather. At any given time, the average consumer is likely to be wearing four leather products. From leather bracelets and belts to leather jackets and pants, fine leather goods are easy to appreciate and admire for their aesthetic appeal and durability. The key phrase in that sentence, however, was “fine leather goods.” Not all leather is made alike. Next time you’re shopping for a leather item, don’t get duped into paying too much for imitation quality. Follow these four tips to ensure you’re buying only fine leather goods:

  1. Know thy leather

    In general, there are four categories of leather: full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain, and split-leather. The highest quality is top- or f
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Staying Free of EMF Damage — Viable EMF Shielding Solutions for Daily Use

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With progress in technology slowly making way for a more connected world, there are quite a lot of innovations that we currently enjoy that have become more or less a part of everyday life. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous nowadays, and with regular upgrades of internet data technology over cell phone networks, many people enjoy the fruits of high speed internet availability while on the go. In fact, for some, this is an intimate need that they cannot function without. All these advancements, however, come with a price, and that is increased amounts of EMF or Electro Magnetic Field radiations. These are essential to drive some of the technologies of today that are massively popular and have great utility, but these radiations can often have harmful effects on health, both physical and mental.
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What Are Your Favorite Leather Accessories?

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Temperature: 95
Humidity: 82%
Feels like: A day to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning!
In the middle of the heat of the summer it is difficult to thing about the upcoming school year, the more formal business days at the office, and the clothing and accessories that will need to replace the shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops of summer.
While the majority of people dress the same for work all year round, students and educators are among the people who may find themselves getting ready to transition from the informal wear of summer to the more formal wear of the daily routine of classes and meetings. After enjoying a few weeks away from the classroom teachers find themselves double checking their wardrobe to see if the have shoes that will be comfortable for a full day standing in front of th

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The Top 3 Unexpected Benefit of EMF Shielding

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People do it while standing in line at the grocery store, while pretending to listen to their friend tell the same story over and over again, while working out at the gym, while at the dinner table, while at the movies, and some people even do it while they’re sitting on the toilet! Ah! So what’s it? In this instance, it is interacting with technology through the use of smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and other super computer that can literally fit in the palm of your hand. Amazing, isn’t it? Although these lean and mean machine are capable of great feat, the not so super thing about these super computers is that they emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that can be potentially harmful to your health.

EMF is emitted by all sorts of gizmos and tech, such as wireless internet routers, cell phones

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