Have You Donated to a Local Charity Yet This Holiday Season?

This is going to be the most difficult of weekends. After waking up at 4:25am you realized it was about the same time your mom passed away a year ago today. Grateful to have had her with you as long as you did, you know that this weekend will be a difficult one. It will soon be one year since the visitation; one year since the burial; one year since the first holiday without her. Losing a loved one so close to the holidays is never easy, and the one year anniversary of this loss is not any easier.

As you were putting away last year’s decorations and forcing yourself to go through your mother’s closets, dressers, and drawers you came up with one idea that made the process a bit easier. You made eight pillows from your mom’s Christmas sweaters, one for each grandchild. You also decorated three small craft trees with her costume jewelry and gave one to each of your brothers and kept the last one for yourself. Creating those tangible memory pieces allowed you to continue with the proce

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Cosmetic dermatology and how these types of procedures can improve your appearance

We all have those small issues that we wish we could fix, from the scars that are left behind from the acne of childhood to the hair that we find ourselves in agony over the prices we pay for disposable razors every week just for a temporary removal. Little do most people realize or think about the fact that there is a cosmetic dermatology solution for most of these difficult problems. Cosmetic dermatology has gained popularity with many of their procedures that can help you with both looking and feeling great again. Here’s a look at some of the procedures offered that could be of service to making you feel on the outside like the supermodel you are on the inside.


When you’re young, or even as you age the oil in your skin can create blemishes that you have trouble getting ride of afterwards. Acne scars and acne can be one of the most difficult things to deal with at any age. Thanks to our fickle skin it can ev

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Why Sterling Silver Is A Shining Star In The Jewelry Industry

What Is “Sterling Silver”?

Sterling silver is considered a standard in fine jewelry and a hallmark of fine arts through history, yet many do not understand why. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver, commonly known as 925 silver from its weight of 92.5% pure silver. During the early 19th and 20th century silver was usually marked as “Sterling” or “925”. Sterling silver consists of silver and fine metals, usually copper which attributes to its strength, making it far less susceptible to tarnishing and scratches from heavy use, because pure silver is much too soft to create the items its best known for, jewelry, sterling trophies, and tableware.

The term originated in Europe as early as the 12th century during the reign of Henry II, the alloy was used as a standard in Trial of the Pryx until it was eventually deposited at the Royal Mint in 1843 for decommission. Although, the use of sterling s

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Amazing Use of Leather Across the Board From Armchairs, Furniture, to Much of History

Much to be said for leather armchairs, there is a great feel for both vintage and rustic furniture. These chairs provide a significant advantage for both interior designs, as well as for outdoor covered patio furniture.

The Leather Armchair

Armchairs are much available for any location, with the covering that matches a specific decor helps to add a chair to any or all rooms in the home. Luckily, the leather cover that is often attached to an armchair can be included in so many different types of decor, whether it is formal, casual, commercial, residential, official, or other.

There is much standard to be had for leather chairs, leather sofas, and so many other pieces of furniture, that much can be said for the placement of the leather armchair in any location of the home inside or out. Even when there are comfortable chairs needed in lob

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