How to Plan a Fancy Event on a Shoestring Budget

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Are you planning a fancy soiree on a budget? Whether you’re planning your wedding, anniversary party, or any other special event, you don’t have to forgo classiness to save a few bucks. We’ve put together a quick list to help you achieve black-tie status without a ton of green:

How to Plan a Fancy Event on a Shoestring Budget

  1. Get Creative With Lighting

    Your lighting will have a profound impact on the total feel of your event. If you go to the nines with every other detail, and then just use the standard industrial lighting that comes with the venue you use, it will serious knock the fanciness meter down a notch or two.

    What’s nice about lighting is it is very, very easy to get the look you want without breaking the bank. You can find tea lig

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Are You Ready to Update the Furniture in Your Home or Office?

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You remember when your mindset changed.
After being perfectly happy with your increasingly dated furniture over the 19 years that you had been in your home, the trip you and your husband made to Phoenix created a shift in how you looked at the furniture in your home and the outdated appliances you had in your kitchen.
Although you never would have paid to stay in a five star hotel when you were traveling on your own money, this trip was part of a bonus that your husband had received for some pretty extraordinary sales numbers. As a result, you found yourself spending two nights and three days in a beautiful hotel suite in one of the nicest hotels in the area. After only a few hours in these posh surroundings both you and your husband realized that you were completely relaxed. Sure, it had somethin

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Buying Tips When Purchasing New Living Room Furniture

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The furniture that you choose to furnish your living room is important. It is the furniture that will tie your entire living room design together. It is where you will spend movie nights with your family. Is it the place you will rest and turn to for comfort, when you are not feeling well. A lot happens and a lot of memories are made on your living room furniture. It is also an integral part of your home design. What factors should you take into account when shopping for new living room furniture?

Overall design

What type of look are you going for in your living room space? Do you want to create a modern look or something that is classic? Regardless of the specific style that you choose, you are likely to find many pieces that will fit into your living room space. Choose some

Four Great Ideas for Using Shirts for Fundraising

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There are times when a school finds that it needs to raise money. Unfortunately, many schools are facing budget problems which makes receiving funds harder than it usually is. In addition, schools want to do what they can to help out their local communities. Whether it is used for the school or another community in need, fundraisers are a great way to help out. However, some schools are not aware of how to really get funds coming in fast. One popular selling item at many fundraisers are custom designed school pride apparel. Here are four great ways that t shirts for fundraising can create many sales for your cause.

  1. Homecoming Events: Homecoming has been a long standing tradition in most school systems. Typically, homecoming week is when the school’s sports team will play in
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