4 Ways to Make Donating Clothing a Breeze

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You likely have plenty of clothing in your home that you want to donate. Statistics show that, in 2007, nearly $5.8 billion worth of clothing donations were made to charities across the United States. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at how to go about getting clothing out of your home. Here are five ways to make donating to charity easy.

  1. Break Project Into Smaller Steps

    Statistics show, in 1930, the average woman in the United State owned nine outfits, a number that is now closer to 30. You might find there’s a lot of clu
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Save the Planet by Donating Your Clothes! Here’s How

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There have been plenty of criticisms about the “fast fashion” that’s emerged — cheap clothing that encourages bulk buying and a swift discard months later. And while it may have been good for bargain hunters at thrift stores, it’s not so great for landfills. The average American woman owns an average of 30 outfits — and that number is ticking ever steadily upwards. On average, we toss over 80 pounds of textile waste annually and about 10.5 million tons of used clothing hits the landfills every year. The saddest part? Almost 100% of textile waste is actually recyclable. So if you’re purging your closet, what can you do with your clothing? Clothing donations are often sought by charitable organizations. You can organize a clothing swap

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From Ancient Mesopotamia to the 21St Century The Origins of Sea Glass

Sea glass jewelry

While people have been collecting sea glass from the world’s beaches for thousands of years, it has recently become even more popular. The North American Sea Glass Association was formally established in 2007, and this organization currently has about 90 members.

The Origins of Glass

It is believed that people first began making glass in Mesopotamia prior to 2000 B.C. Most of the sea glass that has been found, however, comes from the 19th and 20th centuries. It usually takes 5 to 50 years for the sharp edges and corners of glass to become smooth. Over time, these pieces of glass are drenched in salt water and tossed by waves against the sand.

Sea Glass Color Varieties

Sea glass can be found in a variety of colors, and some are more rare than others. Since pieces of sea glass com

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How Do I Create A Memorable T-Shirt For A School Fundraiser?

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Everyone likes a good t shirt. You probably have a good few yourself rounding out your closet. Not only are they comfortable and simple to wear, they’re incredibly flexible and can be worn for a variety of different reasons. Need something basic for a meet-and-greet? Grab a t shirt. Looking to spread the word with some smart logos? You can’t go wrong with a nice shirt. For those that have a school t shirt fundraiser or some custom spirit wear to create in a limited time-span, the list below will get you down and dirty with the art of the shirt.

Keep these in mind and the team spirit store you visit will be hosting the next big thing!

Shirts Around The World

No matter the culture or event, shirts have a special place in everyone’s hearts. It’s estimat

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