Be Good to Your Skin!

Metagenics nutritional supplements

Nutraceuticals and medical foods are used by people for the health benefits they provide. They can be used in accordance with each other to enhance good health and well being. In the United States they can be categorized as a drug, a food, an ingredient within a food, or a supplement to the diet. In addition, many of these products lay down their claims not only to enhance health, but some may profess to slow down aging and to strengthen different functions within the body.

Many people are willing to try a wide variety of possible anti aging products and procedures. Unwanted wrinkles, such as frown lines and forehead lines, are often the reason for people turning to procedures such as injec

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Exotic Skin Shoes Are a New Trend For Men

Exotic mens boots

There is a reality show on cable where the camera follows several people who make a good portion of their yearly living hunting alligators in the swamps of the southeastern United States. At first, it might seem like a meaningless exercise until you realize how they use the beasts they find.

One of the ways they use the alligators is for their skins in bags and shoes. Right now, the market for exotic skin shoes is very high. Mens alligator shoes and luxury crocodile skin shoes can be very expensive. The same can be said for luxury ostrich skin boots and other exot

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3 Ways to Keep Your Leather Dress Shoes Looking Brand-New

Mens luxury leather belts

We’ve all been told to “not judge a book by its cover.” But this age-old advice isn’t always realistic. In fact, one psychological study found that first impressions are formed between seven and 17 seconds of meeting someone, and 55% of a person’s opinion is determined by physical appearance. Considering this instinct, it’s no wonder that we pour billions of dollars into the fashion and beauty industries each year. We reach beyond the necessities and strive for a signature, personalized style.

Accessories are no exception to this rule.From designer leather belts and exotic dress shoes for men, to luxury ostrich skin boots and italian loafers, consumers flock to add flair to their look via staple pieces like shoes. Leather shoes

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How To Make Your Own Sea Glass Bracelet

Sea glass ring design

Walking along the warm sand and collecting colorful sea glass is one of the best parts of summer. As the season winds down, you collect your treasures in bowl or jar, place it upon a shelf, and look forward to next year’s beach hunts.

If your jar of colorful sea glass has you dreaming of sunshine and breezy days, craft it into a memory you can wear. Crafting your own sea glass bracelet is a lovely way to turn your treasures into a delicate piece of jewelry. While there are many types of sea glass bracelets, this DIY guide by The Sweet Occasion will show you how to many a “tiny slack” bracelet. This tasteful piece is a swee

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